Budapest Independent Film Festival 2023 - Slot 4


Bővebben a filmről

Beach House - Once Twice Melody, 04’, ◆ Annapurna Kumar, United States, Best Music Video

▹I am Matteo, 24’ ◆Loris Di Pasquale, Italy, Best Comedy

▹The Secret of Mr. Nostoc, 10’ ◆ Patrice Seiler, Maxime Marion, France, Best AnimatedShort

▹MEI-Mirage,17’ ◆ Zhang Ge, Hungary, Best Short Film

▹Going Well, 4’ ◆ HyeJeong Lee, Korea, Best Animated Short

▹Supper, 10’◆ Andor Berényi, Hungary, Best Hungarian Film

▹Keep Burning, 5’ ◆ Young-Wook Paik, Israel, Best Music Video

Entrance Free, Free admission tickets can be obtained from Kino Cafe Cinema starting February 2, 2023