Budapest Independent Film Festival - Screening Program 2022 - Block 1.


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Vlada Goes to London

Nominated for Best Drama Short

Director: Arti Savchenko

22' • Israel • 2020 • Hebrew, Russian

‘Vlada goes to London’ follows the story of a Ukrainian immigrant Vlada (24), who works as a pizza delivery girl in Haifa, Israel, and dreams of becoming a famous DJ. She’s lucky to get an invitation from a little festival in London, but she must urgently get funds for a flight ticket. Vlada doesn't have money in the bank. Her single mother works as a cleaner, and her roommate doesn't work and doesn't pay bills. This fast-paced provocative social drama sheds light on the nervous job of the deliveries and the struggles of young artists.

Coffee Break

Nominated for Best Animated Film

Directors: Sarah Binz & Viviane Barben

3' • Switzerland • 2021 • No Dialogue

In a cozy café, Charlie enjoys her coffee and reads a book. Her peaceful state of mind gets interrupted when a mysterious Jaguar sits down at her table. Nervously she observes him, as her comfort zone is overgrown by a lush jungle. Charlie is drawn into an inner conflict between curiosity and distrust.


Nominated for Best Short Film

Director: Monika Majorek

18' • Poland • 2020 • Polish

„Off-season” tells a story about fourteen-year-old Adam, who lives in a holiday resort by the sea, that is run by his parents. When a mysterious, mature Woman arrives to the resort, Adam becomes immediately captivated by her. Spying on her slowly turns into an obsession, which makes him explore his sexuality. While trying to grow up, Adam rebels against his parents who still perceive him as a small child. The movie touches on the subjects of coming-of-age, love, but also family and its disintegration while facing non-easy actions.

A Bite of Bone

Nominated for Best Animated Film

Director: Honami Yano

10' • Japan • 2021 • Japanese

A little girl reflects on her last summer with her father at his funeral.

The Old Man

Nominated for Best Short Film

Director: Elena Rožukaitė

30' • Lithuania • 2021 • English, Lithuanian

Young girl Vaiva has a dream to live in Spain with her Spanish boyfriend. Before leaving for the foreign country, she needs to save up some money for her new start and begins working as a nurse for an immobile man in a remote village of Lithuania. Time passes by slowly here, and the Spanish lover doesn’t pick up the phone for days.


Nominated for Best Animated Film

Directors: Zaide Kutay & Géraldine Cammisar

7' • Switzerland • 2020​

A withdrawn truck driver collides with his parallelism and the world goes off the rails.

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