NY Portuguese Short Film Festival - Day 1.
NY Portuguese Short Film Festival - Day 1.


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május 4. 19.00
Kino Cafe mozi

In a small fishing village, two kids play an active role in the traffic of illicit substances. When the older prepares an escape plan, the younger has to deal with the adversities of being left behind.
Director: Luis Campos
Fiction | 14′

The Wood Carver
Built after the earthquake of 1531, Bairro Alto is one of the most typical neighbourhoods in Lisbon. Apart from the night life that has always been present, traditional commerce has proliferated, evoking the village that hides in the metropolis. New laws now dictate the closure of shops and other businesses but also the closing of life chapters.
Director: João Vasco
Documentary | 10′

The Fear Installation
The Woman opens the front door. Two men greet her by saying “Good morning my lady, we came to install the fear.”
Director: Ricardo Leite
Fiction | 14′

“Tu” is a love story that happens in a moment in which the last thing you want to do is to fall in love, but falling in love is probably the only way you have to go on with your life.
Director: Hugo Pinto
Fiction | 11′

Once Upon a Thread (Guest Short Film)
A yarn ball woman, an old woman who spends her days looking out the window and a seller of clothes that fall from the clotheslines are connected by a thread. The three women lead the actions of other characters and the inevitable fate of a woman with her husband at her back.
Director: Patricia Figueiredo
Animation | 5′

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